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Fri 16th Apr

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Are all trainers qualified?

All Classes are undertaken by qualified, highly experienced coaches. Harriet mainly.

I feel nervous about training at the gym

If you’re nervous, feel unfit, inexperienced, pregnant, coming back from illness please come in and speak to Harriet beforehand. She will adapt and tailor each workout for you.

How do I book a class online

1. Sign in or register for account.
2. Go to class timetable on the timetable page or any of the class pages.
3. Click on the class you want to book.
4. Click the “book now” button. You will receive an email confirming the booking and 1 class pass will be removed from you account.

How do I sign up to book a class online?

1. Go to the website and click on the button “Register”.
2. Enter your personal details. All fields are required.
3. Create a username and password. Make sure they are easy enough to remember.
4. An automated email will be sent to your email address with a link to confirm your account. You should click this link. The automated email sometimes goes to your SPAM or JUNK folder so please check there if you can’t see it.
5. You can then sign in <a href=”/my-account/”>here</a> with your username and the password you created in step 3.

How do I cancel a class?

1. Sign in
2. Click on “My account” (top right corner)
3. Click on “Bookings”
4. Find the class you want to cancel and click “Cancel”. You will receive a confirmation email and the space will be available to another member.

Why do class passes have an expiry

Class passes have an expiry date so that you will be motivated to book into classes. Once a class pass has expired it will no longer appear in your account.

How long before a class can I cancel?

Classes canceled less than 6 hours before running time or a no show to a class will cost you your class pass.

How can I join a waiting list work?

If a class is fully booked you can join a waitlist by signing in and clicking the “Join Waiting List” button from the class timetable. When a space for that class becomes available you will be notified by email which you will be asked to accept or decline the booking. If you acceot the booking a class pass will be automatically deducted from your account. If you decline the booking it will become available again or the next person in the waiting list will be notified.

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