Personal Trainer

John is a professional Muay Thai fighter of 15 years


Going through the highs and the lows as a fighter, I quickly became obsessed with the process of training and improving the way my body moves

I continue to educate myself on all things fitness and love my job and helping people train.

I have been a qualified PT for 9 years and my belief is that the 3 main goals of:

  • Improving Fitness
  • Improving Strength
  • Improving the way our body moves

can be achieved as long as we prioritise enjoying what we do both inside and outside the gym.

We should never forget that training chemically makes us feel better Рit gives you energy!  Exercise releases the stresses of the day for the time you are in the gym.

It is my job to work with you and find a style of training that you enjoy no matter what that is.

I am committed to working alongside you and in the process I aim to help you gain the belief that you can achieve anything that you set your mind to.